Rodrigo Zambrano
|Musician, Composer, Bass, Guitar|

Rodrigo Zambrano

Rodrigo Zambrano was born in Mexico City.

“Digo”  is a skilled professional touring bass and guitar player, and composer as well. He can switch easily between instruments with proficiency.  His personal and main project, Electric Kif, is an edgy, funky, experimental, jazz rock fusion ensemble that includes Eric Escanes, Jason Matthews, and Armando Lopez, some of the best musicians in Miami. He has toured South America, Europe and very extensively within the U.S., performing with national and international artists.

Right now, Rodrigo is touring with Electric Kif and starting the production of “The Kif” fifth release. He is also touring with Matt Schofield Group.

DIGO ABBEY ROADDigo in Abbey Road 2012.


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